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i1Display Pro review


Review of the X-Rite i1Display Pro - Part 2

Published on July 31, 2011   |    Updated on June 5, 2020


We will now check the quality of our calibration through some tests before concluding.


It is time to check the quality of the calibration of your display. With the i1 Display Pro colorimeter - a high-end version of X-Rite - it is possible to perform this verification thanks to the software and its sensor (colorimeter) but also by some tests in Photoshop.
In the first, we will check BEFORE/AFTER images, using different tests and we will check the uniformity of the panel.
In Photoshop, we will be able to test the white point, the black point but also the grayscale to know if we have a lot of tone breaks or not...


In a few words...


X-Rite i1Display Pro


Except for the expensive Discus, this i1Display Pro is simply the best monitor calibration sensor on the market today with the new version, i1Display Pro PLUS for brightness sreens ! - Read my conclusion  

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CDN$ 369.00



After calibration: software quality control

Once the calibration is done, it is possible to perform a quality control of your screen, your ICC profile, a harmonization of several screens in order to align them, a monitoring over time of your screen, or whatever else!
And it is also possible to optimize the ICC profile almost in real time in relation to the luminance and color temperature of the room.... Let's start with the classic BEFORE/AFTER.

Before/After comparison

ICC profile in 3D in i1ProfilerOnce the ICC profile of the monitor is created and saved, it is then displayed on the monitor and gives us the possibility to make some quick comparisons. For instance, you can see in 3D this ICC profile in the Lab color space, as shown in the illustration on the right. Using the mouse, you are able to manipulate it in all directions, to zoom in and out, to rotate, etc ... Too bad it is not possible to make a comparison at this stage, using transparency. So, it requires a lot of experience to draw conclusions from here

It is also possible to see the three correction curves of the RGB channels between 0 and 255. The comparison with an excellent Graphic Art display as Eizo, mine is already four years old, is revealing : the curves are clearly separated and complexes compared to the Quato, for which the three curves are still flat and stacked. The profile is not of so much use in that case !

Before / After comparison in i1ProfilerFinally, it is possible to compare with the famous before/after a photo reference (it is possible to choose the sample photo among many references) : using the buttons "before/after" in top right, it is easy to compare the state of the display before and after calibration. Do not hesitate to change the picture to check the quality of the calibration according to the colors and intensity levels. On basic monitors, you can very well get a remarkable calibration at certain levels and significantly worse in others. For the best monitors, the question does not even arise !

Display QA - Quality Assurance

Among the major differences, between the so-called expert amators colorimeters and uncompromising colorimeters, are those quality reports. The first one is available from the ICC profile page by clicking on "Display QA" menu of the display profiling workflow or from the Home menu in "Advanced" user mode in the left column menu, under "Display", by clicking on "Display QA". It is especially interesting for those who want to know everything about their monitor.


A new window will open. First, it is necessary to choose the type of reference from which the comparison will be made. The most meaningful is the type of "Standard" patch set selected by default.

  The first comparison is the most telling one. The others will interest experts in color management.


Start the measurement that reviews the 24 colored patches displayed above. To do this, click on the Next button and the "Start measurement" button. It goes very fast, once again, with i1Profiler. Then you will have a full report on your screen and the Delta E.

  And if you ask for the quality assurance report, you will see this window appear that a novice will have a hard time interpreting. The experts will be delighted to analyse all this information...
  Here is one of the best calibration reports obtained after the calibration of the magnificent EIZO CG277 ! That's what it looks like at best....


Finally, it is possible to follow a screen over time thanks to the "Trend" function which displays the delta E and the deviations over time. Perfect to know if a screen is declining and needs to be changed...

Ambient light measurement

I1Display Pro Sensor Light SensorSome retoucher photographers need to have the maximum control on the color quality of their monitor. However, the ambient light of the room, where they are, is then very important. It is therefore possible to optimize the ICC profile with this ambient light detection, automatically or manually. At regular intervals in automatic mode (every 10, 30 or 60 minutes), a measurement is performed and allows to slightly adjust the way colors are displayed on the monitor.

Note! With the i1Display Pro colorimeter, the measure is made in quantity (luminance) and quality (color temperature) for more accuracy when correcting the ICC profile.

Be careful! If you have a compact fluorescent lighting in your room, this measure is not recommended, because the correction is really bad.

Display uniformity measurement

With this function it is possible to measure nine areas of your monitor to learn more about its homogeneity.

  Start the measurement (click on the "Start measurement" button) according to the instructions, so simple once having selected the monitor to evaluate ! As the measurement goes on, the color temperature of the white point and luminance of each area appear ... with possibly good or bad surprises !

It is possible, once the results are displayed, to select the tolerance level of luminance and color temperature.
Such a complete software...


This concludes this test of the display calibration colorimeter of reference. I am so glad to discover how my two extra monitors are still correct and better calibrated than when using the previous colorimeter generation.

  X-Rite 1Display Pro  
Color fidelity 9,5/10
Implementation / settings 10/10
Manufacturing quality 9,0/10
Quality/Price ratio 10/10


  I like it very much...  
  • The reference for an uncontrolled (non-standard) lighting environment in your home!
  • High-performance ADC function for calibrating laptop screens, Apple iMacs, and now even iPad or tablets under Android.
  • Such a fast calibration !
  • Precise calibration (Delta E standard 2000 very low),
  • Beautiful shades of grey with very little tone breaks even on TN panels, despite the absence of hardware calibration,
  • Beautiful grey neutralization,
  • Varied choices for color temperature,
  • All choices of screen types (backlighting) + beamer,
  • Compatible with 4K displays,
  • Advanced quality control
  • Multi monitors harmonization.
  I regret...  
  • No simplified mode (but still a basic one), - Not sure it's a defect on this product!
  • Calibration a little redder than the i1Photo Pro 2 which looks greener in a "classic" environment,
  • There may be a small difference in color temperature between two colorimeters,
  • No tablet or TV calibration...
  My overall rating...  
  9.5 / 10  
  My conclusion...  
  i1Display Pro colorimeterSimply the best colorimeter with new version i1Display Pro PLUS for brightness screens on the market, if we except the too expensive Discus, in an uncontrolled lighting environment, so for "home"! Seven years after its release it is still relevant and I still use the model I acquired in 2011. Reliability is therefore a must. The i1Display Pro remains in the new X-Rite range of October 2019 with the new i1Display Studio and i1Display Pro PLUS.  
X-Rite - i1Display Pro


CDN$ 369.00
Here is the next part and the end of my test of the X-Rite i1Display Pro...
- Complete review of the i1Display Pro
- Next : ICC profile check
  1 - Quality control
2 - Calibration with the i1Display Pro
3 - Conclusion and rating

- Why and how to calibrate your monitor ?
- How to choose your monitor ?


Calibrate your photo printer with the best quality/price ratio: X-Rite i1 STUDIO !

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