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X-Rite i1Display Studio review


X-Rite - i1Display Studio review

Published on October 19, 2019   |   Updated on June 5, 2020


The i1 Display Studio calibration sensor has just replaced the famous Colormunki Display at X-Rite. If the excellent colorimeter used since 2011 is renewed, this "new" product now uses a simplified version of i1Profiler that i1 Studio users are familiar with: i1Studio. All this is a guarantee of quality...

The i1Display Studio is now the "entry-level" model in the expert range of X-Rite colorimeters. It therefore replaces the Colormunki Display which was on sale since 2011. However, its colorimeter was so good that it is simply renewed in this "new" 2019 model. This is a first guarantee of quality. And when we know that X-Rite started from i1Profiler to design the new software - simplified - which is now the recognized i1Studio, it is, a priori, another guarantee of quality! What if this is the ideal new compromise?



In a few words...


X-Rite i1Display Studio

Of course it limits the checks after calibration and the target values but when we said that it has the same colorimeter as its big sister, the i1Display Pro, we said it all! And when in addition we know that it will now use a simplified version of i1Profiler - i1Studio.... - Read my conclusion  

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CDN$ 240.76



Introducing the X-Rite i1Display Studio

This display calibration sensor calibrates all the latest generation displays with wide gamut and LED technology - except for the very bright displays, for which it will be necessary to turn to the "expert" i1Display Pro Plus version and thanks to its ADC function, allows much better calibration of Apple laptop or iMac displays that have only one brightness setting and therefore allows since February 2014 to calibrate tablets under iOS or under Android as well.

The calibration kit and its box

The X-Rite i1Display Studio display sensor is sold with the same three-channel RGB colorimeter and organic glass filters that guarantee a very long life as in X-Rite colorimeters since 2011. Like most screen calibration sensors, it is supplied with a small mobile counterweight to weigh the USB cable. This colorimeter also has a conventional screw thread to attach it to a tripod to calibrate a video projector. The kit typically contains the installation drivers as well as the new calibration software, i1Studio, the same as in the i1 Studio kit (for screen and printer calibration).


Installing the i1Studio software

Note! The i1Studio will use the same software as the printer calibration kit: the i1Sudio.

i1Studio interface choose monitor calibration
  Two calibration and characterization options: display and projector with the i1Studio spectrophotometer or i1Display Studio.

Main features :

  • Ergonomic, state-of-the-art multifunctional measuring instrument (Same as i1 Display Pro);
  • Glass filters on three channels;
  • User-friendly software (v1.5.0);
  • Intelligent iterative characterization: Adaptive technology that measures and analyzes the chromatic capabilities of each single screen for increased profile accuracy;
  • Intelligent ambient lighting control: measurement, compensation and continuous monitoring of ambient lighting conditions;
  • Flare Correct™ measures and compensates for reflections on the screen surface;
  • Automatic screen control adjustment (ADC) - to speed up the characterization process and avoid manual adjustments;
  • Video projector calibration.

  Technical specifications  
  i1Display Studio Average price : $169.00
i1Display Studio
i1Studio 1.5.1 (MacOS) or 1.5.0 (PC)
  Panel technology Automatic detection
Yes, 8 target values
Color temperature
4 target values including D65
  Gamma setting No
Ambient light control
  Multi-screen alignment No
  Projector calibration Yes

The installation of the i1Studio software (in its latest version)

Very important note! Download the latest version of i1Studio (1.5.1 in October 2019) to maintain maximum compatibility with the latest display technologies and operating systems.

  Download the latest version of i1 Studio  

The i1 Studio software (PC and MAC), sold with the i1 Studio is also available for free download if you have another compatible colorimeter - Download i1 Studio v1.5.1 (October 2019) (i1 Studio v1.5.1 is Mac OS Catalina compatible.)




Calibration with i1Display Studio step by step

The i1Studio software allows you to characterize a screen or projector in a really simple sequence from its main window.

Note! This software is not used to calibrate tablets like the iPad. To do this, you must install the ColorTrue app on your tablet

1 - i1Studio software interface

The i1Studio software welcome page allows you to choose the calibration tool you will use between:

  • The i1Studio spectrophotometer (calibration of printers or monitors);

  • and the i1Display Studio colorimeter that interests us on this page.

And allows you to choose which calibration you want to perform between the calibration of a screen or a printer. Before clicking on "Display" in the left column, connect your sensor.

  i1Studio Software Welcome Page

2 - Screen parameters: choose the target values

By clicking on "Display" in the left column, you open a new window:


1 - Choice of the screen to calibrate if you have several like me. Note that the i1Studio window will automatically move to the chosen screen.

2 - Choose the type of work you do if you are more of a photographer or video maker -

You will choose between:

Photo - This automatically selects the target values D65, 120 Cd/m2 and gamma 2.2. If you want other values, click on "personalized" below,
Video - You can choose from five gamuts including the famous DCI-P3 or REC709, Pal Secam and NTSC then 120 Cd/m2 and gamma 2.2,
Custom - You can customize - to a certain extent because it is still a simplified version of i1Profiler - the white point, therefore the illuminant, the luminance and the range curve.

3 - Choose whether or not to activate the Flare Correct mode, i. e. the measurement of parasitic light. Personally I unhook and if anyone knows what it's really for in real life, I'm interested!

  Choice of settings / Modes



Brightness 120 Cd/m2 120 Cd/m2
  Color temperature D65 - 6500K DCI-P3, Rec709, Rec2020, etc.
  Gamma 2,2 2,2
  Ambient light You can choose You can choose
  ADC function Yes Yes
  i1Studio's "Photo" window.
  i1Studio's "Video" window

i1Display Studio choose parameters

  i1Studio's "custom" window.

Once you have validated these options, click on Next at the bottom right to continue your calibration...

3 - Before the measurement...

On this page and before starting the calibration - Patch measurement - you will be able to choose the famous "ADC" mode (Automatic mode for short) or the screen setting mode manually.

  Options before measuring colored patches on the i1Studio

I will be able to continue this part when I receive my test copy.... But in the meantime, I can provide some essential clarifications before launching the characterization:


  Be careful if you calibrate a laptop or an iMac!  

Indeed, these computers always activate by default in their monitor preferences the "Automatic brightness" option, which must absolutely be deactivated BEFORE starting the calibration.


4 - Reset your screen and choose the factory or sRGB profile as the profile.

Reset colors monitor

5 - Saving the ICC profile

It is time to save your ICC profile not without having chosen two options yet. Profile completed!

1 - Name your ICC profile

Nothing particular to say except that it should be easy to identify later when you need to choose it later. Name your ICC profile by adding the parameters you want to the software proposal, such as the date, or specific settings you would be trying.

2 - Choice of profile standard: V2 or V4?

Choosing the v2 or v4 standard is not insignificant if you are running Windows 10. Indeed, some image viewing applications or software integrated into Windows do not like the v4 standard at all. How does this materialize? Your photos will be very dark! Abnormally dark when they will appear perfectly in Photoshop for example, which manages this standard perfectly, even under Windows 10.

Choose v2 ICC norm in i1Display Studio to monitor calibration
  Choose v2 ICC norm (and not v4).

3 - Characterization reminder

Finally, note that it is as always possible to request a reminder of the calibration every week or up to four weeks. This may be a little short, especially with recent screens if you are working alone on your screen and you are sure that no one has changed your settings during calibration. In a collective office, I strongly recommend that you have a verification calibration every month. Finally, if you work or retouch photos for a client whose colors, over time, are strategic, I advise you to do at least one characterization before the retouching session.

Reminber calibration i1Display Studio

9/ Before and after comparison

Very informative most of the time!


Use and verification of the ICC profile

As indicated on the Photoshop color preferences page, it is prudent to verify that Photoshop is using this new ICC profile to correctly display the colors on your monitor.


  i1Display STUDIO  
Color fidelity In waiting for review /10
Implementation / settings 8,0/10
Manufacturing quality 9,0/10
Quality/Price ratio In waiting for review /10


  I like it very much...  
  • Before testing it, I note that it should become an excellent value for money because this product uses a well-known colorimeter and a well-known software (an evolution of i1Profiler...)
  I regret...  
  • Lack of settings in advanced mode (but there is the Pro version for that!)
  • I look forward to testing it... soon!
  My overall rating...  
  9,0 / 10... to be confirmed
  My conclusion...  
  One of the best quality/price ratios on the market, certainly in the fall of 2019 because this "novelty" uses the same colorimeter known since 2011 as found in X-Rite's expert range but with a simplified version of i1Profiler, i1Studio. You will lose the checks and many customizations in the choice of target values but certainly not in calibration quality...
X-Rite i1Display Studio


CDN$ 238.13
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