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DELL U4919DW monitor review


Review of the DELL Ultrasharp U4919DW monitor

Published on November 20, 2018   |   Updated on January 10, 2020


In this fall 2018 Dell announces an incredible screen: a widescreen of.... hold on tight: 49-inch! This Dell U4919DW display from the Ultrasharp series - synonymous with beautiful colors at Dell - displays two 27'' next to each other, 5160 x 1440 and is, of course, curved. But who is this monitor made for? Does it really show beautiful colors? And what about uniformity? So now it's time to review this extraordinary screen...

This new Dell display has a key feature: its panel measures 49-Inch or the equivalent of two 27-Inch QHD next to each other (5160 x 1440 - 32:9 - pitch 0.25 - 108 ppi) ! Its Ultrasharp panel is matt, with IPS (white LED) technology, 8-bit LUT table and sRGB gamut. A classic in 2018. The dark grey finish is very sober and elegant, the ergonomics flawless and it even has a future-oriented connection system: USB-C.



In a few words...




On paper, this is a technical tour de force for editors or trading rooms, but in the end it is a success that could seduce even photographers. Incredible from every point of view and that I advise without reservation even if, obviously, it does not compete with Eizo head-on. I'm still impressed! - Read my conclusion  

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CDN$ 2,102.74



Introduction to the Dell U4919DW Ultrasharp with gigantic curved panel monitor

Dell U4919DW monitor on a desk
Height adjustment of the Dell U4919DW by 3.54in   Curved panel of Dell U4919DW
Dell U4919DW Connectors   Dell U4919DW Cable management slot
  Technical specifications
  Dell U4919DW

Average price: $1,250.00

Size / Resolution
49-Inch 32:9 - 5160 x 1440 at 60Hz - 108 ppi
Panel technology
IPS white LED (new matte panel)
  Color gamut sRGB
350 Cd/m2 / 1058:1 measured
LUT table
8 bits
  Response time 8 ms (Normal) - 5 ms (Fast)
Item dimensions
47.8 x 18.1 to 22.8 x 9.9 inches (stand)
  Border width 6 mm only!
  Color calibration soft No
  Connectivity DP 1.4 + HDMI 2.0 (10-bit color @ 60Hz)
+ 1xUSB-C + Hub USB 3.0
  VESA compatibility Yes - 100 mm sold separately
  Hood No
  Warranty 3 years - Dell USA

What's in the box...

The monitor is sold with:

  • The power cord,
  • A DisplayPort cable to DisplayPort,
  • A HDMI cable to HDMI,
  • The USB-C cable to USB-C,
  • A USB 3.0 cable to power the HUB USB.3.0.

Important note! Dell displays do not have an built-in calibration sensor

This DELL U4919DW does not have an integrated calibration device so you will need to use your sensor or buy one.

My purchasing advice: ColorMunki Display or the SpyderX Pro at least.

Colormunki Display review


The monitor and its curved panel - New

1 - Definition/resolution - This is a new IPS satin panel measuring 5160 x 1440 pixels (32:9 ratio) and 47.2 inches wide. This is an incredible 2 x 27-inch definition in QHD. Its resolution is therefore 108 ppi. The pixels are really very small for a "normal" viewing distance and very sharp. It is very pleasant because it is without being exaggerated. The backlight is a white LED diode type.

Dell U4919DW monitor : equivalent to two 27-inch monitors

Which graphics card for this 49-Inch ? I installed it on a PC computer with Windows 10 and a Core i5 6400 processor including the graphics card integrated into the CPU without any display problems.

Dell Ultrasharp U4919DW monitor

2 - The panel and its anti-reflective coating - The matt panel has received a very discreet anti-reflective coating that does not "mark" the pixels. This is another outstanding quality of this "exceptional" Ultrasharp panel. I like it very much. The texts are particularly clear but not overly clear. Very readable so not tiring.

The Dell U4919DW display is more than 120 centimeters wide

Monitor edge thickness - New!

They are 6 mm long on each side. So we are not far from the 5 mm record measured on the little brother Dell P2419H. This finesse favours the multi-screens... but does it need it?!!!

Dell U4919DW Display Edge Thicknesses

To be read!
My advice to choose your photo monitor 

Ergonomics partly improved!

The ergonomics of recent Dell displays (their movement and amplitude) are truly state-of-the-art. So you will find on this Dell U4919DW many movements, what's more, offering this beautiful amp! For example, it is possible to raise or lower the screen by 3.5 inches or to tilt your panel by more than 20°. The handling is also made very pleasant by slowed down movements just what is needed despite the very high weight of this screen and its gigantic panel. Really very pleasant.... But there is still a little downside...


Ergonomics of the Dell U4919DW display


... Depending on your main activity on this monitor, you may find it too large or, more accurately, not curved enough. Indeed, the right and left edges of the screen are really far from your natural field of vision so you may have to use only the central part of your screen (paradoxically) and keep the extreme edges only for temporary use cases otherwise you could have neck pain! So for a photographer or editor, you don't necessarily have to use the entire width of the screen to display your work software, but for a broker who will display many surveillance windows on a single panel, that will be perfect. That said, photographers and editors would be wrong to ignore this panel because it displays the colors really well as we will see later...

Dell U4919DW screen on a desktop

The buttons of the screen menu

The keys of the screen menu are classic, i. e. via small buttons under the screen, slightly to the right of the centre of the screen. The ON/OFF button is illuminated.


Dell U4919DW Display Menu Buttons

The Dell U4919DW connectivity system

This 49-Inch of the new Ultrasharp 2018 range has all the latest connections and standards. So it was very good at the end of 2018, when this screen was launched.


DELL U4919DW Connectivity

Two HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, one USB-C, five USB 3.0 sockets... this Dell U4919DW has a complete and future-oriented connection!



So, what is the huge panel of this Dell U4919DW worth after calibration with the i1Display Pro?

I calibrated this monitor - like all the monitors I test - with the best current sensor (except the superlative and very expensive Discus) in an excellent price/quality ratio: the i1 Display Pro + i1Profiler software (version 1.8.0) in order to be able to locate this new panel compared to the other screens on the market. I connected it with the HDMI to HDMI cable.

Note on display quality before calibration - This is increasingly a noticeable quality of Dell Ultrasharp series displays: their color display is already more than correct at the factory with perfectly neutralized grays. The image is therefore beautiful as soon as it comes out of the box. Obviously, a proper calibration does not hurt it and reduces its default brightness quite significantly, but a buyer with a tight budget (or broke because this screen is not cheap!) will be able to enjoy a good screen set by default at first and then consider a calibration a little later... Very good point!

I choose the following screen settings:

  • Color mode: Standard
  • Brightness: 23% for 90 Cd/m2 targeted,
  • Contrast: 85%.

Essential! Be sure to reset the factory settings AND choose the generic profile of your computer before calibrating on Mac or sRGB on PC if you re-calibrate.

And as target values in the i1Profiler software (1.8.0 at the time of this test) in advanced mode...

  • Display technology: white diodes,
  • D65 or possibly a little less if you want a slightly warmer screen(Note that at D55, the screen becomes yellow rather than warm, unlike high-end displays).
  • Luminance: 90 Cd/m2 or more depending on your main use (printing or web) and especially the brightness of your room,
  • Contraste: Native,
  • Gamma: 2,2 – Standard curve,
  • ICC norm: V2 to avoid incompatibility problems with some image viewing software (too dark images especially in Windows 10) and obviously V4 if you know what you are doing.

And the result is?

First subjective feedback after this calibration...

Even at the exit of the cardboard, the panel displays neutralized grays so it can only be even better after calibration but the base is "healthy".

What does the final report say after calibration:

Final report after calibration of the DELL U4919DW with the i1Display Pro

The color temperature (CT) of 6382 K for 6500K represents a low score on a mid-range display. Saying it shows is another story, so nothing embarrassing! The 1058:1 contrast is in the "high" range of white LED panels, even if there are starting to be panels with a contrast ratio of 1500:1. However, to retouch photos is perfect. The micro-contrast is also very good, especially on the texts as I mentioned earlier.

Now, let's move on to the famous Delta E after calibration according to the 2000 standard which I use for the calibration of all the screens on this site:


Delta E after calibrating the DELL U4919DW with the i1Display Pro


The average Delta E standard 2000 is 0.80 so very good and not so common on mid-range screens and frankly, I did not expect such a score on a panel certainly Ultrasharp but with office or trading rooms and especially unique by its size.

The Delta E of 3.22 for the worst patch (only one that slightly seals the overall average)! Fortunately, this color is not a flesh or sky color. And strangely enough, only this patch is dead in the water. All the others are in an excellent average.


As on this Dell P2419H, the worst colored patch is this kind of blue. Strangely enough, all the other patches are well below 1.0.

Now the luminance uniformity tests:

Luminance uniformity after calibration of the DELL U4919DW


Results above the high average for a screen despite all medium range and especially to the huge panel. Again, I did not expect such a result. The perceived reality is the same and it is especially good to note that the panel is so large that the differences in brightness are very progressive so you don't really see it. Usually such figures are found on 27'' panels, so they are much smaller. Clearly, this is a pretty good achievement from Dell!

... and the color temperature:


Color temperature uniformity after calibration of the DELL U4919DW


The results are in the same vein without being exceptional since the worst corner remains below 1.6. But again, this is not really embarrassing in real life.




  Dell Ultrasharp U4919DW  
Color fidelity 8,5/10
Uniformity of the panel 8,5/10
Resolution 8,5/10
Ergonomic design 10/10
Connectivity 10/10
Manufacturing quality 10/10
Value for money 9,0/10


  I like it very much...  
  • A 49-Inch panoramic screen representing 2 x 27'' QHD !
  • Unique immersion feeling!
  • Ultrasharp series with really precise colors right out of the box...
  • And which is very easy to calibrate,
  • Homogeneity not perfect but really surprising for such a huge panel!
  • Matt IPS panel,
  • HDMI + DP + USB-C + Hub USB 3.0, 10-bit @ 60Hz
  • Very nice look and very good quality finish,
  • Particularly thin edges (6 mm),
  • State-of-the-art ergonomics,
  • Almost any graphics card is enough,
  • VESA 100mm.
  • Dell's technical tour de force was a success: Well done!
  I regret...  
  • Not curved enough so you have to make an effort to read the menus at the ends of the screen,
  • "Only" sRGB but is that really a problem?
  My overall rating...  
  8,5 / 10... Immersion price!  
  My conclusion...  

Imagine: a huge panel that is almost a technological tour de force and yet displays very beautiful colors and an astonishing homogeneity! That's the achievement of this new Dell U4919DW Ultrasharp. Is it for everyone? Not sure because paradoxically, it may be either too wide or not curved enough depending on your point of view or your main activity on this screen. If you mainly do surveillance, then everything will be fine if you produce, however, you will probably have to be careful not to use the full width of this absolutely huuuuge panel!

Dell Ultrasharp U4919DW


CDN$ 2,102.74
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