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DELL P3418HW monitor review


Review of the DELL P3418HW monitor

Published on September 3, 2018  |  Updated on November 29, 2019


As I test four new Dell displays in the new 2018 school year, I see that this brand has made significant progress in terms of colour display accuracy and even more in terms of the consistency of its panels at reasonable prices. When you add the historical advantages of finishing and ergonomics, you have a winning ticket ! This panoramic screen is no exception to this, quite the opposite. On the other hand, I would like to draw your attention immediately to the fact that this panel displays "only" 2560 pixels on the long side and not 3840 pixels. The menus are therefore very easy to read but you would have the same working space on a 27-inch monitor. It is a little as if the texts were displayed through a very light magnifying glass, unlike a 27 inch one where they may appear a little small to some people. Let's move on to the test...

This new test is therefore devoted to a 34-inch widescreen display displaying the QHD, i. e. 2560 x 1080 21:9 - pitch 0.32 - 82 dpi). Its panel is matt, with IPS technology (white LEDs), 8-bit LUT table and sRGB gamut. A classic in 2018. On the other hand, its finish and ergonomics are not at all classic at this price level ! The dark grey finish is very sober and elegant, the ergonomics flawless, almost never seen at this price level. Really great equipment on a desk!.....


In a few words...




I really enjoyed testing this panoramic screen displaying the texts large enough. Of course you would have as much space on a 27 inch model but many users would have complained about the small size of the menus. And so it is for them that this screen is made. At this price, let's say reasonable, for a 34'' panoramic displaying more than correctly the colors and especially displaying a sufficient homogeneity it is even a favorite ! - Read my conclusion  

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CDN$ 996.99



Introduction to the Dell P3418HW monitor

Here are, to start, some illustrations of this screen with a very nice finish :

Movement height Dell P3418HW   Dell P3418HW Panoramic Screen
Dell P3418HW Cable Grip   Connectors of the Dell P3418HW
  Technical specifications
  Dell P3418HW Average price : $730.00 Inc. VAT
34 Inch 21:9 - 2560 x 1080 - 75 ppi
Panel technology
LED-backlit LCD monitor (New matte panel)
  Gamut sRGB
300 Cd/M2 / 973:1 measured
LUT table
8 bits
  Response time 8 ms (Normal) - 5 ms (Rapide)
Item dimensions
32.04 in x 8.91 in x 16.44 in~20.97 in (with stand)
  Border width 8 mm only !
  Color calibration soft No
  Connectivity DP 1.2 + 2xHDMI + hub USB 3.0 + mDP
  VESA compatibility Yes - 100 mm
  hood No
  Warranty 3 years - Dell US

What's inluded in the box...

The monitor is sold with :

  • The power cable... of course !
  • The DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable,
  • The USB 3.0 upstream cable (enables the USB port on the monitor).

Important note ! Dell displays do not have an embedded colorimeter

This DELL P3418HW does not have an embedded colorimeter so you will need to use your own or buy one.

My purchasing advice : ColorMunki Display or the Spyder5Pro

Test colorimètre Colormunki Display


The monitor and its panel - New

1 - Definition/resolution - This is a new matt-finish IPS panel measuring 2560 x 1080 pixels (21:9 ratio) and 81 cm wide. Its resolution is therefore 82 dpi. The pixels are therefore a little large for a "normal" viewing distance, but since it is a panoramic screen, you will naturally tend to move back a little on your desk and everything will be fine. The backlight is a white LED diode type. In addition, any graphics card will do, unlike sometimes 4K displays.

Remark ! The 2560 pixel (QHD) resolution is usually found on 27 inch screens so you won't have more "space" than on a classic 27'' QHD itself. It is therefore more a visual choice and a comfort of vision because it is also true that 27'' QHD screens display menus that no one could find too small.

Dell P3418HW widescreen display

2 - The panel and its anti-reflective coating - The matt panel has received a very discreet anti-reflective coating that does not highlight the pixels. Nothing to complain about !

Dell P3418HW widescreen display

Thickness of the monitor edges - New !

They now measure 8 mm on each side. It is therefore a thinness that favours multi-screens. Well, with such a screen, is it necessary?!

Dell P3418HW panoramic screen viewed from above

To be read  !
My advice to choose your photo monitor  

Improved ergonomics !

The ergonomics of the latest Dell displays are truly state-of-the-art. You will find on this Dell P3418HW two movements in height (because of its panoramic format) but with a nice amplitude and inclination. There is not to say anything wrong with that! It is therefore possible to raise or lower the screen by 13 cm! The handling is also very pleasant because the movements are slowed down just the right way. Very pleasant and remarkable at this selling price. It is also possible to fix your screen to the wall thanks to a VESA 100 mm compatibility.


VESA 100mm Mounting System from Dell P3418HW


The buttons of the screen menu

The keys of the screen menu are classic, i. e. via small buttons under the screen on the right. The ON/OFF button is illuminated.


Details of the DELL P3418HW and its menu buttons

The Dell P3418HW connectivity

Nothing but classic, although we can either note or regret the absence of a USB-C port in 2018.


Connector of the DELL P3418HW



What is the value of the Dell P3418HW display after calibration with the i1Display Pro ?

I calibrated this monitor - like all the monitors I test - with the best current colorimeter (except the superlative and very expensive Discus) in an excellent price/quality ratio : the i1Display Pro + i1Profiler software (version 1.8.0) in order to be able to locate this new monitor compared to other monitors on the market. I connected it with the Thunderbolt 2 cable on one side (MiniDisplayPort) and DisplayPort on the other.

Note on display quality before calibration - By taking the screen out of the box and having taken care to lower the brightness to 40%, I notice that the homogeneity in brightness is there and that no light leaks in the dark betray a botched achievement. Very good points ! Similarly, the color balance is very good with a very nice neutrality of the grays. Another good point. On the other hand, I notice a slight lack of homogeneity in colour temperature without this being disturbing because it is very progressive and not very obvious either. Some parts of the screen are therefore warmer.

I chose the following screen settings :

  • Color mode : Standard
  • Brightness : 28% for 90 Cd/m2 targeted,
  • Contrast : 75%.

Essential ! Be sure to reset the factory settings AND choose the generic profile of your computer before calibrating ! Once the reset is complete, choose the generic screen profile in the system preferences before starting a possible calibration unless your screen comes out of the box.

And as target values in i1Profiler 1.8.0 software in advanced mode...

  • Display technology : Choose white diodes,
  • D65 or possibly a little less if you want a slightly warmer screen. (Note that at D55, the screen turns yellow rather than warm, unlike high-end displays).
  • Luminance : 90 Cd/m2 or more depending on your main use (printing or web) and especially the brightness of your room,
  • Contrast : Native,
  • Gamma : 2,2 – Standard curve,
  • ICC standard : V2(to avoid incompatibility problems with some image viewing software (images too dark, especially in Windows 10) and obviously V4 if you know what you are doing.

And the result is ?

First subjective impressions after this calibration...

The first impression is as good as before the calibration with a slight overall improvement which will be confirmed by the Delta E figures. I can only be impressed on a 34" panoramic panel, for less than 500 dollars !

What does the final report say after calibration :

Final report after calibration of DELL P3418HW with i1Display Pro


The color temperature (TC) of 6507 K for 6500K represents a hell of a score on a mid-range display ! The 1000:1 contrast is in the high average of white LED panels.

Now, let's move on to the famous Delta E after calibration according to the 2000 standard which I use for the calibration of all the monitors on this site :


Delta E after calibration of DELL P3418HW with i1Display Pro


The average Delta E standard 2000 is 0.43 so particularly good, especially for a mid-range display.

The Delta E of 2.69 for the worst patch remains within the acceptable standard, even for photographers. There are better but much more expensive and not sure that you would see it without an element of comparison. As is often the case, the worst patch is often isolated. The other 23 are often excellent. This is obviously the case here.

Now harmonizing tests in luminance and color temperature :


Luminance uniformity after calibration of DELL P3418HW


Results above the high average for a screen that is all in all medium range and especially panoramic. That's enough, especially since the visual impression when you display a blank web page or even a black page is really good. Dell had got us used to much worse...


Uniformity in color temperature after calibration of DELL P3418HW


This time, the results are less spectacular since the upper left corner has a delta E of 3.0 but well within the average of the correct screens in this price range. Whatever happens, to the naked eye, the panel looks very homogeneous. We are therefore dealing with a beautiful display panel with the electronics correctly chosen and adjusted. Retouching your photos on this screen will never be a nightmare !




  Dell P3418HW  
Color fidelity 8,5/10
Uniformity of the panel 8,0/10
Resolution 7,0/10
Ergonomic design 10/10
Connectivity 8,5/10
Manufacturing quality 10/10
Value for money 9,0/10


  I like it very much...  
  • A 34 Inch panoramic screen rather homogeneous and offering a beautiful display under $500 !
  • Color display more than correct without calibration and very good after calibration,
  • Very satisfactory homogeneity in the brightness of the panel (panoramic panel) and especially the absence of light leakage,
  • QHD resolution "only" but offering an easy-to-read text display,
  • Matt IPS panel,
  • HDMI + DP + Hub USB 3.0
  • Nice look and very good quality finish,
  • Particularly thin edges (5 mm) for multi-screens,
  • Highly ergonomic design,
  • VESA 100mm,
  • My favorite monitor under $500 for those who like rather big texts !
  I regret...  
  • A homogeneity in color temperature can do better but the display changes are very progressive on this panoramic panel and therefore not very disturbing in absolute terms,
  • "Only" QHD but some will appreciate to be able to read the texts easily, on the other hand you will not have more "space" to work than with a more classic 27'' QHD,
  • "Only" sRGB but is that really a problem ?
  • No USB-C port.
  My overall rating...  
  8,0 / 10, Not far from the favorite !
  My conclusion...  
  I really enjoyed testing this screen. Dell has been constantly improving the quality of its products for years since I tested them. Problem, it was mainly seen on the quality of finish and obviously the ergonomics, often flawless. On the other hand, as far as colours and especially homogeneity are concerned, in my opinion, this left something to be desired for photographers or videographers who are looking for a minimum of homogeneity, in particular. This was all the more obvious on the panoramic panels. Now in this September 2018, Dell is lending me four screens to test, including this 34-inch panoramic screen on which I make the same observation : light leaks are finally banned, homogeneity is completely correct and colors are finally precise enough even if we do better (for more expensive !)! So, let's face it, it's not yet Eizo displays but progress and quality is now more than enough for me to recommend this screen without restraint for those who want to control their display budget. Well done, Dell! I therefore recommend this screen without reservation to those who want to have space to work without having to install two screens on their desk and who want a display that magnifies the texts a little, often too small with high resolutions. For this clientele, this monitor is even a favorite because its price is really reasonable !  
Dell P3418HW


CDN$ 996.00
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