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Review of the Canon Selphy CP1300 printer


Review of the Canon Selphy CP1300 photo printer

Published on May 31, 2018  |  Updated on October 31, 2019


This small portable printer is a great success. So I wanted to test her to see what she was capable of. Doesn't it sacrifice photo quality for the sake of portability and ease of use?

How could a small, portable and above all very compact printer that has the advantage of printing the very classic 4x6 inch printer not find its audience? As the users are not "short-sighted", I thought it was worth testing it in order to evaluate its photo qualities in the context of its "logical" use but also in the absolute. Here are my conclusions...


In a few words...


Canon Selphy CP1300


Here is a small portable printer that is surprisingly simple and has absolutely amazing printing results! - Read my conclusion  

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CDN$ 119.99



Introduction to the Canon Selphy CP1300 printer

Let's start with the presentation of the contents of the box and the technical specifications because there is something odd to say.

The Canon Selphy CP1300 hand-held printer

Main features:

  • Portable photo printer in 4 x 6" white or black format,
  • Long-lasting prints in an album but also in daylight,
  • Controlled costs: each cartridge contains ink and paper: 36 or 108 sheets,
  • Wifi connectivity from your tablet, smartphone or computer,
  • Direct printing from the computer (optional USB cable), SD memory card
  • Glossy or satin printing of your choice without changing paper!
  Technical specifications
  Canon Selphy CP1300 Launch price: $119.00
Printing format
Credit cards + 2.1 x 2.1" + 4 x 6"
36 or 108 4 x 6" postcards
  Sheet tray The kit contains ink and paper (refill)
  Control panel Non-touch color 2.6 inches
  Printing speed A 4 x 6 inches in 39 sec.
Wifi + AirPrint + memory cards
Auto photo optimization, Easy photo print
  Memory cards SD, SDHC, SDXC and USB key
USB 2.0 + Ethernet + Wifi + NFC + Pixma Cloud
  Dimensions 7.1 x 5.4 x 2.5 inches
  Weight 1.9 lb

Contents of Canon Selphy CP1300 kit

About the content of the box! As strange as it may seem, you won't find any ink/paper cartridges in the box, NOT ANY mini-USB cord to connect it to a computer so you'll have to make sure to buy your first paper/ink kit (36 or 108 sheets) if you want to print your first prints when you unpack your Canon Selphy and of course a USB 2.0 / mini-USB cord! In the box you will indeed find:

  • The Canon Selphy CP1300 photo printer (in several possible colors),
  • A paper cassette in postcard format,
  • A paper/ink sample in the box,
  • The power supply unit + cable.... of course!
  • The installation CD,
  • The user manual,
  • ATTENTION ! there is no USB cable so it can only work when you remove it from the box in Wifi.
Canon Selphy CP1300 Printer Kit



Settings of the Canon Selphy CP1300 printer

Let's start by installing the printer... and don't hesitate to refer to the manual on CD, complete and very well done - Download the manual in english 

Printer installation and loading of ink and paper

One of the great strengths of this small printer is clearly its ease of installation and loading of ink and paper. The ink cartridge is loaded from the right side and contains exactly the amount of ink needed to print a set of 36 sheets of paper 4x6" (postcard size) - Bed kit 108 actually contains three 36 sheet packs -. It will therefore never be necessary to refill an empty cartridge in the middle of printing!

The Canon Selphy printer and its paper and ink cassettes

The ink cartridge is inserted through the right side of the printer. Thanks to a coded pin, it is not possible to make a mistake in the loading direction. As for the paper cartridge, simply insert a batch of sheets as indicated on the paper feeder, taking care not to close the top cover to load the cassette into the printer (photo above) as it is used to receive the printed sheets.

Then connect the power cord and possibly the mini-USB cable (optional) to your computer if you are not using your smartphone or tablet's Wi-Fi connectivity.

Installation note on Mac and PC computers! If you install this printer on Windows, you will need to install the drivers through the CD. On Mac, you will probably need to download the latest driver as well - Download the latest Mac or Windows drivers (USB use) 
For use with a smartphone or Wifi tablet, refer to the CD manual very well made from page 46. The "Wireless Network Setting" menu of the printer is accessed as soon as you click on the "Menu" button on the printer.

Setting up your CP1300

As this Canon Selphy can be used independently of a computer, it is possible to make a number of settings/corrections of the pictures directly from its control screen (not touch screen). I'll let you look at the manual on CD, complete. I will focus here on the printing options that concern all connection modes including the USB mode I use for this test.

1 - Setting the language of use - This setting is made on the last screen (access by the arrows of the pad) and by confirming your choice with the central OK button. Click on the "Menu button" of the printer > You come to the menu in the picture below: Change Setting > Language - English > Press the OK button on the pad to see the list > Press the language of your choice with the arrows on the pad and confirm by pressing the central OK button. Press the "Back" button on the printer to return to the "Change Settings" main menu.


Language selection menu on the Canon CP1300 printer


Photo Finishing Settings on Canon CP13002 - "Change settings" menu > "Print finish": ou will have three finishing options without changing paper. The finish is applied during the last paper passage through the printer:

  • Glossy, as its name suggests (like a Glossy paper)!
  • Finish 1: slightly grained finish (satin like a Semi-Gloss),
  • Finish 2 : smooth but glossy finish (close to the glossy finish so I'm looking for some interest because the difference with the glossy finish is very slight.)

Here is a close-up of the "glossy" finish and the "satin" finish 1:

Finishing of both glossy and satin papers on Canon CP1300

We can clearly see the more "granular" side of finish 1 called "grained" or "satin" and we can clearly recognize the typical Glossy paper finish on the glossy finish.

Choice of printing with or without border on the Canon CP13003 - Borders - As the name suggests, you will be able to choose to print your photos with or without a margin. Note that your choice in the Photoshop printing module if you print from this software has priority. The layout of your photo will take this into account.
Finally, note that unlike "classic" photo printers, marginless printing takes the same time as margin printing and is therefore very fast.

4 - Page layout - gives you the possibility to crop directly from your Selphy printer or even better, to group several photos with different layouts: 2 side by side photos, 4 photos, 8 photos, 8 index photos and up to 8 photos stored in different and random sizes. Nice!

5 - Image optimize - Yes or No. Yes is selected by default each time the printer is restarted. Basically, this module will brighten photos that he considers too dark.

6 - Brightness - You can brighten or darken your prints up to +-3 levels. This is obviously especially interesting for live printing.

7 - Smooth skin - This option is able to recognize the parts of prints that have a skin color in order to smooth them for a softer finish. Option disabled by default... and that's good because, as the manual points out, other parts of the photo with colors close to the skin could also undergo this smoothing.

Printing options on the Canon CP13008 - My colors - It is possible to change the brightness of the colors of your prints with the following options:

  • Disable
  • Bright (more saturation and contrast)
  • Neutral (softened photos)
  • Slide (saturation but natural colors)
  • Sepia
  • Black and white
  • Smooth skin

9 - Red-eye corrections - And yes, it is even possible to automatically check the red eyes on a photo!

10 - Date - If you want to write the date on the bottom right of the printout (timestamp).

11 - Date format - It is of course possible to change the date format according to the country of use.

12 - Automatic power off - Off or on (after 5 minutes).

13 - Languages - As we saw above - we started with that - you can choose from more than 12 languages.

Printing with the Canon Selphy CP1300 printer

Calibration of the Canon CP1300? The Canon CP1300 cannot be calibrated for two reasons: it does not allow the test charts to be printed on an A4 sheet and it is not possible to disable the printer's color management in its driver. It remains to be seen that his generic profile is worth...

1 - Printing from Photoshop - So I started printing my photo of colorful village facades with the following options: Bright colours and a glossy finish on the printer. All other settings are chosen from the printer driver in Photoshop in this example but the same would apply to Lightroom or  Photoshop Elements.


Photoshop Print Settings


2 - Choose the printing settings (blue arrow above) - You will be able to choose the size of the paper you will print and choose whether you want a border or not - Note! The choice of the border from the print driver takes precedence over the choice of the printer menu - "Paper Size" menu (arrow above):



3 - Color management - As I said earlier, there is no question of color management with the Canon CP1300. To let the printer manage the colors and therefore use its own generic profile, open the "Color Match" menu and choose "Colorsync" on Mac and "printer manages the colors" on PC.



4 - And don't forget the other printing parameters mentioned above and directly accessible on the printer.

Note about the printing format! The default cassette has a 4 x 6" format, so 2:3. Thus only photos taken with a 3:2 camera will be printed without a margin at all. All photos taken with a 4:3 camera - without cropping - will then be truncated if you do not want a margin. Too bad!



How does the Canon CP1300 print colours and black and white?

Let's not make the suspense last any longer: rather good for a "general public" printer that does not allow its calibration and therefore uses a generic profile. Some colours are not quite the same as the colours displayed on a calibrated screen, but they do not have any "strange" colour drift, such as the greenish tendency of the Canon Pro-100S model, for example. So for and to make things clear, it's all good.

Color printing


Village of Cunlhat in Auvergne, France
Original file (RAW file developed in sRGB).
Printing a photo with the Canon Selphy CP1300
Canon CP1300 print in "neutral" color mode, "glossy" finish, without "image optimization".

My opinion! The biggest "loss" is on the yellow wall on the left but the blue sky is particularly faithful. Another good point: the brightness of the print; True to the calibrated screen, giving the impression of having the "right" brightness.

Black and White printing


Printing of the photo Ludovica Albertoni The Blessed by Bernini
Printing in "Black and White mode" selected on the printer directly.

My opinion! If there is still a dominant edge (magenta) despite the Black & White mode enabled, it will never be annoying. If the picture is a little too dark overall, I regret that the blacks are not deeper.

Printing fineness

This is remarkable for a small portable printer. There are of course only on certain shades of colour, especially in the skies, that you can sometimes perceive very slight shade breaks. Nothing serious however because it is necessary to get closer to the draw more than reason.




  Canon Selphy CP1300  
Printing quality 7,0/10
Color fidelity 6,5/10
Strength/time stability 8,5/10
Possibilities 7,5/10
Manufacturing quality 8,0/10
Quality / Price ratio 8,0/10
  I like it very much...  
  • Overall a very good small portable printer, black or white,
  • With much improved wireless connectivity compared to the CP910 previously tested on this site,
  • Always use the same printing kit,
  • Rather faithful colours, especially no annoying dominant ones,
  • Long life in a photo album,
  • Fast printing speed,
  • Controlled cost: 0.33 €/sheet 4 x 6" with the KP108 kit.
  • Easy to use,
  • Excellent value for money!
  I regret...  
  • Format 4 x 6 inches only so 1.5 x 1.1 inches photos with margins or to be cropped before,
  • Not all colours are true to the screen without it ever being prohibitive,
  • Degraded in the sky in color mode with some breaks if we get too close to the print,
  • Blacks not deep enough in Black and White mode.
  • Transportable indeed... but large power supply box!
  My overall rating...  
  8,0 / 10  
  My conclusion...  
  It is not complicated to recommend this printer which does the job very well but without any talent either. The concept is perfectly developed and practical. However, if it is for a 4 x 6" use and you need a more versatile printer (so much more bulky).  
Canon Selphy CP1300
CDN$ 119.99
Canon RP108N ink cartridge (108 sheets)
CDN$ 39.98
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