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2018 colorimeters to calibrate monitors


Buying guide 2019 of colorimeters !
Updated on November 05, 2019


Here are all my full reviews of colorimeter (Monitor calibration) of the market and some discontinued models as well as my selection by price category!

Find all my advice to properly calibrate your screen:

1 - Why ta calibrate your monitor or screen ?

2 - How to calibrate your monitor or screen: with or without colorimeter ?


Colorimeters to start well | From $80

In 2019, you will find two colorimeters to start calibrating your screens at affordable prices - Budget from $90


ColorMunki Smile review | $85

This beginner's colorimeter is based on the old gelatin sensor of the Eye One Display II, which is not very reliable over time.
Read my review


Spyder5Express review | $130

My selection for those who want to control their budget and discover a calibration of their quality screen.
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Mid-range colorimeters | From $145

In 2019, you will find two mid-rang colorimeters for enthusiasts or professionals that will allow you to perform a very high quality calibration, very accurate, but without the quality ratios that allow the higher range colorimeters - Budget : under $150


ColorMunki Display review | $170

Surely the best quality/price ratio with its competitor. I just have a slight preference for the software - Replaced by i1Display STUDIO.
Read mu full review


Spyder5Pro review | $170

In this price range, we have a choice! The Spyder5 sensor has really become excellent but the new SpyderX Pro below is even better!
Read my full review


SpyderX Pro review | $170

New in 2019! My new favorite colorimeter in this price category and the best value for money.
Read my full review...




The best colorimeters | From $230

In 2018, you will find two top-of-the-range colorimeters for enthusiasts or professionals who not only want to perfectly calibrate their display but also want to know more about it with a detailed final report (calibration quality, panel homogeneity, etc...) - Budget : Under $280


i1Display Pro review | $260

Surely the best colorimeter on the market, or at least my favorite, especially for its i1Profiler software. New in 2019 : i1Display Pro PLUS for brightest screens.
Read my full review


Spyder5Elite review | $230

If the colorimeter is at the same level as its competitor (although slightly redder), the software can make a difference - Replaced by SpyderX Elite below.
Read my full review


SpyderX Elite review| $270

Even more accurate, much faster, the new SpyderX is now a true competitor to the i1 Display Pro.
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Through its 8 colorimeter reviews (or screen calibration sensor), I will share with you all my tips to help you choose yours!

By budget :

- From $85 to $130
- From $145 to $150
- From $245 to $250

By models...

- ColorMunki Smile / $115
- Spyder5Express / $100
- ColorMunki Display / $150
- Spyder5Pro / $170
- SpyderX Pro / $170 - New in 2019
- i1Display Pro / $260
- Spyder5Elite / $230
- SpyderX Elite / $270 - New in 2019

- 2019 monitors buying guide !
- My 23 full monitor reviews!


Calibrate your monitor with the best
colorimeter: X-Rite i1Display Pro !

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Calibrate your photo printer with the
best value for money: X-Rite i1 Studio !

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