The Best Suspa C16 08941 : Top 28 Picks In 2022

We all have had experiences of buying a suspa c16 08941 and not being content with it. Most of the time it can be attributed to our lack of motivation to research properly. However, for those of you who are looking for the best suspa c16 08941, you are in luck.

There isn't one ‘right product’; The perfect suspa c16 08941 varies from person to person. In this article, after going through intensive research, we have gathered all the strengths and weaknesses and general know-how of the best ones available.

Additionally, we made sure you got all the valuable information you need. You will also get to know about the different brands out there and what they offer. We can assure you that you will find a suspa c16 08941 that best suits you.

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Best suspa c16 08941 Picks in 2022

SaleBestseller No. 1
Suspa C16-08941 C1608941 16" Gas Prop, Quantity (2), Force 28 Lbs Per Prop, Force Per Set 56 Lbs, Camper Rear Window, Tonneau Cover Lift Supports, Window Lift Support, Struts, Made in USA
  • Extended Length: 15.71" (center to center of ball socket ends)
  • Compressed Length (Center-to-Center): 9.4 in (239mm)
  • Force: 28.1 Lbs (125 N) (Per Prop)
  • Set of Two
  • Made in USA
Bestseller No. 2
SUSPA Spring Strut Prop Shock C16-08941 One Pair 28# 16", Force for One Prop is 28lbs and Force per Pair is 56lbs
  • Compressed Length (Center-to-Center): 9.4 in (239mm)
  • Extended Length (Center-to-Center): 15.7 in (399mm)
  • Force: 28 Lbs (125 N) (Per Prop)
  • End Fittings: 10mm Nylon Ball Sockets
  • Set of Two
Bestseller No. 7
PAMAGOO C16-08941 C1608941 16 inch Gas Strut 28 lb 125 N Per Prop, Gas Spring Shock Lift for are Camper Shell Pickup Truck Cap Hatch Leer Canopy Fiberglass Rear Topper Window Back Door(2 Pack)
  • 🚗OEM Part Number🚗C16-08941, C1608941 Extended Length :15.7 Inch; Compressed Length : 9.4 Inch. 28 lbs 125N per prop. 2 PACK!!!
  • 🚗C16-08941 Gas Strut for Camper Shell Rear Window🚗Perfect OEM replacement lift struts for C16-08941: Exactly designed based on original lift supports, this 1 pair of Pamagoo lift struts could perfectly replace the worn-out struts shocks on your Camper Shell / Tundra topper / ARE topper Tacoma / SnugTop / Truck Cap Rear Glass / ATC topper / Truck Topper / Canopy Fiberglass Glass Gate Rear Window Lift.
  • 🚗C16-08941 Gas Shock for Tundra / ARE Topper Tacoma Rear Window🚗Easy to install lift support struts: high quality end sockets to allow for easy replacement of your old shock, just use a small screwdriver to pry up the metal clip of the old strut to remove it, and then align the new strut onto the end fitting of your car, press with your finger to snap it into place, done!
  • 🚗C16-08941 Gas Spring for Truck Cap Rear Glass🚗Renovate your rear window shock: have you been tried of raising your rear window by your head or back? Pamagoo C16-08941 Gas shock will make your camper shell rear window stays up again!
  • 🚗C16-08941 for ATC / Truck Topper Rear Glass🚗Our promise: every Pamagoo gas strut has been undertaken with 180,000 times durability test to ensure its service life and smooth working performance, Pamagoo will provide 18 months replacement support to ensure your no-worries using!
Bestseller No. 8
C16-08941 16 inch 28 lbs Gas Struts Spring Shocks 15.7" 125N C1608941 for Camper Shell Window Leer Topper Truck Cap Tool Box Lid
  • ✅ C1608941 16" Gas Spring Shocks Struts -- Suitable for leer camper shell, truck topper, atc truck cap, canopy lid, leer topper, etc.;
  • ✅16" 28 lb Gas Struts -- Extended Length [in]: 15.71, Compressed Length [in]: 9.40, Stroke [in]: 6.31; Part number: C1608941, C16-08941;
  • ✅16" 28 Pound Gas Lift Struts -- Most suitable support weight is 23-31 Pounds; If your weight lid exceeds 31 pounds, please message us for recommending a more suitable product for your application!
  • ✅16 inch 28 lbs Gas Props -- 2× Gas Shocks, 1× Installation Guide are included in each set; Do not include ball studs or mount brackets, if you need please search or message us for recommending!
  • ✅ C-1608941 Gas Props -- 18 months new package support if you find the prevous product gets damaged or stop working, welcome to click "Ask Seller" besides your order from us for in-time help!
Bestseller No. 9
SUSPA 24 LB Gas Spring/Prop/Strut/Shock (Set of 2) C16-06389NEW
  • Extended Length: 13.98" (center to center of ball socket ends)
  • Compressed Length: 8.9"
  • Force: 24 pounds of pressure
  • End Fittings: 10mm nylon ball sockets
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY from the manufactured date.
Bestseller No. 10
Suspa C16-08316 C1608316 20" Gas Prop, Quantity (2), Force 40 Lbs Per Prop, Force Per Set 80 Lbs, Camper Rear Window, Tonneau Cover Lift Supports, Window Lift Support, Struts, Made in USA
  • This listing includes 2 Lift Supports for Multi Purpose Applications.
  • Extended Length from Center Mount to Center Mount is 19.69 in.
  • High Quality Supports, designed to last, to OEM Standards.
  • Installs easy with no special tools required.
  • Compatible with the following OEM Numbers: C1608316, C16-08316, C1621705, C16-21705, C1622180, C16-22180, SG327005
Bestseller No. 11
Suspa C16-22331 15.7" Gas Prop/Strut 45 lbs - Set of Two
  • This listing includes 2 Lift Supports for Multi Purpose Applications.
  • Extended Length from Center Mount to Center Mount is 15.7 in.
  • High Quality Supports, designed to last, to OEM Standards.
  • Installs easy with no special tools required.
  • Compatible with the following OEM Numbers: ARE 14269, ARE14269, C1622331, C16-22331, C1623993, C16-23993
Bestseller No. 12
2 Truck Upfitters 16" Gas Props (15.7" Extended, 9.4" Compressed, 38 pounds of Pressure ea) for are, ATC, Snugtop, Leer Camper Shell/Truck Cap Rear Door. Measurement Required! Incl 4 Ball mounts!
  • CHECK LENGTHS AND PRESSURE BEFORE ORDERING. THESE DO NOT FIT ALL CANOPY and COVERS! THE MEASUREMENTS ARE FROM CENTER OF BALL MOUNT TO CENTER OF BALL MOUNT, NOT FROM END TO END OF STRUT! SEE PICTURE! Use a measuring tape to measure the door gas strut that you are replacing. Measure from the CENTER of the gas prop head (little plastic end), to the other side. DO NOT measure from the end of the gas prop, your measurement will be too long. Note that most applications allow for 1-5% size variation.
  • Truck Upfitters Pair of 38 pound (each) gas struts. 15.7" extended length and 9.4" compressed length. This size of door shock absorber is for tall medium weight rear or side camper shell doors. Each canopy shock has 38 lbs of pressure, for a total of 76 lbs of pressure. Please note that this does not mean that it can lift something that is 76 lbs. the typical hinged-style door weight for this prop is approximately 50-70 lbs, including the weight of the camper shell locks and keys.
  • These gas lift cylinders do not fit all truck cap/camper shell brands/models. Measure your strut from center of socket to center of socket when fully opened & fully closed to get accurate measurement. See pictures to determine how to measure. Do NOT measure from end to end. Measurement must be from the center of plastic ball mount on each end of the gas spring lift. Measurement is important to ensure they open properly and get a good camper shell seal against the camper shell gasket when closed.
  • Comes with four 10mm ball mounts for alternate 'other than truck camper shell' applications, such as in camper / canopy windoors, RV doors and awnings, boat hatch spring lifts, gas struts for cabinets, storage bed lifts, toolbox struts, etc. These gas shock lift supports CANNOT be compressed by hand. These gas props MUST be installed in the EXTENDED / OPEN position. It is nearly impossible to install them in the CLOSED position. Please refer to the install video for guidance on how to install.
  • Equivalent to Suspa # c16-09209 or Stabilus # 01824. These camper shell shocks are compatible with many truck canopy types, including LEER truck cap parts, ARE truck topper parts, Glasstite parts, Century parts, Snugtop replacement parts Astro tops, ATC campers, and many other fiberglass brands that utilize gas shocks / gas springs / gas lift cylinders. Compatible with many gas lift brands, including stabilus, lift o mat, and Suspa. These are OEM quality and perfect fit for your topper!

Buying Best suspa c16 08941: Must Checks!

Before purchasing this suspa c16 08941, it is likely that you are aware of the significance of a few different factors, especially if you are a frequent user. However, if you are just starting off, this purchasing guide is perfect for you.

On the other hand, our buying guide will provide you with assurance regarding all that you need to think about before purchasing suspa c16 08941.


Pricing has a significant impact on the products that consumers choose to purchase. You could be under the impression that a suspa c16 08941 with a higher price tag offers more value.

Nevertheless, this is not always the case. It is possible that the price of the suspa c16 08941 is high, but if it does not meet your criteria, there is no point in purchasing it regardless of the price.

Cost is of no concern if the business in question has a proven track record. Because their sole concern is the happiness of their consumers rather than the price they pay. Therefore, look for suspa c16 08941s that fit the bill and could perhaps be considered while also meeting all the specifications you have.


The materials that go into making a suspa c16 08941 are almost always a significant factor. When we talk about materials, we are referring to the various elements of construction that go into making the final result.

Despite the fact that your level of comfort with the suspa c16 08941 will increase in proportion to the quality of the materials utilized. Simply put, in order to obtain the outcomes that are sought from the suspa c16 08941, the materials that are used need to be of a high grade.


When making your decision about suspa c16 08941, size is another important aspect to take into consideration. The size you choose is determined by your comfort. If you want to feel at ease while using the goods you purchased, select the size that is just right—not too big and not too little.


The suspa c16 08941 selection process should also take into account designs. Customers will have a cause to purchase from your company rather than from one of your rivals if you make good use of design.

A well-designed suspa c16 08941 or service will set itself out from competitors because of this crucial source of difference. The design, in addition, contributes to the value of the products and services.

Return Policy

Lastly what you need to look at is the return policy. You get a greater sense of peace of mind when the return policy is straightforward and easy to understand.

This provides you the confidence that the suspa c16 08941 they are purchasing will live up to its claims. When a vendor does not offer this guarantee, customers frequently develop a suspicious disposition and choose not to purchase the suspa c16 08941.

FAQ’s about suspa c16 08941

Still, have questions about choosing suspa c16 08941? No worries we have brought you the FAQ section. You might find your answers here.

Is the design of suspa c16 08941 attractive enough?

That's correct. It comes with a beautiful and alluring design that has the potential to be really enticing to the eye. In addition, the suspa c16 08941 is available in a variety of different designs. While you are using it, it has the potential to significantly improve you.

Does suspa c16 08941 size matter anyway?

Obviously, they are significant. If you want to find a thing that could make your life easier, then the size of the suspa c16 08941 you choose needs to be just right. There is no possibility of comfort if the size is not just right.

Does suspa c16 08941 have a return policy?

It is entirely dependent on the store from where you purchase it. If you make your purchase from a reputable location, you should be able to take advantage of the store's return policy. If, on the other hand, you make your purchase through a third party such as an internet page, you may not be eligible for a return.


So that was our list of the best suspa c16 08941 in the entire market. We hope you found what you’re looking for and may it serve you well.

Spend wisely and do consider the environment in which you’ll be using your suspa c16 08941. As preferences can differ, a product’s usability is never the same for everyone.

With that being said, thank you for sticking around, and good luck!

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