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Asus PQ22UC monitor review


Review of the ASUS PQ22UC monitor

Published on September 13, 2019  | Updated on May 15, 2020

The Asus PQ22UC is a very clearly oriented monitor for videographers who need mobility. It is therefore more of a video monitor than a photo editing display. Its technical specifications are very clear on this subject. What is the value of this monitor with its original presentation since it can be carried in front of my calibration sensor?

Video makers have specific display needs compared to photo retouchers and very clearly this display is more like a video monitor than a retouching display. Moreover, its price will not fail to impress only the second ones! On the other hand, its technical characteristics will please mobile video editors because this Asus PQ22UC puts all its efforts into fashionable specs at the end of 2019, at the time of its release...


In few words...


Asus PQ22UC


It is clearly a video monitor, transportable moreover, more than a photo editing monitor so its price becomes "normal" even if the accuracy of color display is not top quality. This display is therefore not for everyone and the target audience will appreciate the technical characteristics to its fullest extent - Read my conclusion  

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Introduction to the Asus PQ22UC monitor

To begin with, here are some illustrations of this very beautiful monitor with its original look and presentation because it is portable:

Asus PQ22UC in tablet mode   Asus PQ22UC in desktop mode
Connectivity of the Asus PQ22UC   Asus PQ22UC Carrying Case
  Technical specifications
  Asus PQ22UC Average price : $3,999
Panel size
21.6 inches 16:10 - 3840 x 2160 - 204 ppi
Panel technology
White OLED - Matte coating panel
  Gamut 99 % DCI-P3 (Measured)
350 cd/m2
  Contrast Infinite measured
LookUp Table
10 bits
  Response time 0,1 ms
Screen dimension+weight
510 mm x 313 mm x 8,5 mm / 1,5 Kg
  Borders widths 10 mm
  Calibration software Yes - ProArt calibration
  Connectivity Micro HDMI + USB-C
  VESA compatibility No
  Hood No
  Warranty 3 years

What's in the box...

The monitor is sold with:

  • The power cord + charger unit.... of course!
  • A USB-C > USB-C cable
  • A Micro HDMI to HDMI cable.
  • The carrying case,
  • A cover,
  • The stand.

Asus PQ22UC Accessories


Important note! Asus displays do not have a built-in colorimeter

This Asus PQ22UC does not have an integrated colorimeter so you will need to use your sensor or buy one.

My purchasing advice: ColorMunki Display ou la nouvelle SpyderX PRO

Colorimeter of the SpyderX Pro Datacolor


The monitor and its panel

1 - Definition/resolution - This 21.6-inch matte coating OLED panel displays the UHD! Its resolution is therefore 204 ppi. The images will be sharpened and the models very soft on this screen!

Asus PQ22UC monitor

2 - The panel and its anti-reflective coating - Its panel, obviously matt for any self-respecting videographer, has an anti-glare coating in the high standards of 2020. Nothing to complain about.

Thickness of the screen edges

They are not especially thin but as it is a mobile product that will most often accompany a laptop, it does not matter for a multi-display configuration.

To be read! My advice to choose your photo monitor - Updated jan. 2020 - 8 pages

Asus PQ22UC monitor


To appreciate the ergonomics of this monitor, it is essential to keep in mind that it is a monitor for mobile use. With these conditions in place, the swivel stand in desk or tablet mode is a valuable ally and criticism of height in desk mode becomes secondary.


Ergonomics of the Asus PQ22UC

Asus PQ22UC Carrying Case


The buttons on the screen menus

The keys of the screen menu are placed at the top on the left side of the screen. Let's put it bluntly: their manipulation is close to zero! There are only three keys and they are small and hard. I tell you, it's no good!


Asus PQ22UC Menu Buttons

Connectivity of the Asus PQ22UC

We are using the high but minimalist standards of 2020 (USB-C + Micro HDMI).


Connectivity of the Asus PQ22UC



What is the Asus PQ22UC monitor worth after calibration with the i1Display Pro?

I calibrated this monitor - like all the monitors I test - with the i1Display Pro + i1Profiler software (version 1.8.3) in order to be able to locate this new monitor in relation to the other monitors on the market. This is my first test of an OLED panel display, with DCI-P3 gamut, specifically designed for videographers. I plugged in this monitor in USB-C.

As screen settings, I chose:

  • Color mode (Splendid) : Standard
  • Brightness: 90 cd/m2,
  • Contrast: 80%
  • Color temperature: 6500K.

And as target values in the i1Profiler 1.8.3 software in advanced mode...

  • Display technology: Choose white diodes,
  • D65 or possibly a little less if you want a slightly warmer display. (Note that at D55, the screen is really hot but not yellow like on the low end screens),
  • Luminance: 90 cd/m2 or more depending on your main use (printing or web) and especially the brightness of your room,
  • Contrast: Native,
  • Gamma : 2,2,
  • ADC function disabled,
  • ICC standard: V2 to avoid incompatibility problems with some image viewing software (images too dark for example in Windows 10) and obviously V4 if you know what you are doing.

Make sure to reset the factory settings AND select the generic profile before calibrating! Once the reset is complete, choose the generic display profile from the system preferences as below on MacOS (with another display already tested on this site).


On this screenshot it is another monitor but you will see the name of your monitor appear logically!


And the result is?

Well, it's a small disappointment for a high-end display! However, CAUTION, the price range of video monitors is not at all the same as in the world of photo editing screens. $4,000 for one screen represents the highest quality and a form of perfection while for one monitor it is almost cheap!

Objective data: what does the final report say after calibration?

1 - Color temperature and contrast - Before switching to Delta E, it is interesting to record the color temperature values achieved and the contrast.

Final report after the calibration of the Asus PQ22UC with the i1Display pro


My opinion!  Achieving a color temperature (CT) of 6611 K for 6500K requested is correct without further ado on a screen displaying some claims but this is not visible in "real" conditions. That being said, at the price of the display, this is still not a significant quality! On the other hand, note - and enjoy! - the contrast of N/A to be translated as infinite. And this is normal since it is an OLED panel display whose black is well measured at 0 cd/m2. Here, this Asus scores valuable points because it is a fundamental criterion in video.

2 - Delta e - Now, let's move on to the famous Delta E after calibration according to the 2000 standard which I use for the calibration of all the monitors on this site:


Delta e after calibrating the Asus PQ22UC with the i1Display Pro


My opinion!  The average Delta E standard 2000 is 1.44 which is average. It is even limited on a display of this price but you will have understood that Asus has placed more emphasis on video specific criteria (Gamut, latency, HDR-10, etc.) and less on color display accuracy. This therefore weighs my appreciation. The worst patch has a Delta E of 3.03, well above the 2 indicated on the official documentation. Not great even if it's not prohibitive.

3 - Uniformity - Now the luminance and white point (color temperature) uniformity tests:


Luminance uniformity after calibration of the Asus PQ22UC with the i1Display pro


On the criterion of luminance homogeneity, this Asus PQ22UC is much more correct because the luminance difference does not exceed 8%. In practice it is invisible, not great but invisible.


Color temperature uniformity after calibration of the Asus PQ22UC with the i1Display pro

White-pointuniformity after calibration of Asus PQ22UC

As for the homogeneity of the white point, the values are a little less good but largely sufficient since a DeltaEab of 2.4 represents only 180 K.

Which gamut displays the Asus PQ22UC?

As promised, this Asus PQ22UC has 99% of the DCI-P3.

Note! This measurement was made with the SpyderX Elite sensor, which is also excellent for calibrating this monitor.


And my subjective data: what does my eye see?

At the first display and even more so after calibrating it with my two favorite colorimeters, I appreciated the qualities of this OLED display never seen on IPS panels: the blacks are particularly deep since the blacks are indeed absolute (0 Cd/m2 measured with my i1Display Pro !). The black bars on the film or series screenings will be really black! Moreover, in everyday practice, even if the accuracy of color display is not great, it will not be seen in production. As I am used to testing monitors for photo retouching perfect from this point of view it is strange considering of course the price as well but the interest of this monitor is of course elsewhere and the video makers, who do not have the same needs as the photographers will not be mistaken.


  Asus PQ22UC  
Color fidelity 7,5/10
Uniformity of the panel 8,5/10
Resolution 10/10
Ergonomic design 9,0/10
Connectivity 10/10
Manufacturing quality 9,5/10
Value for money 7,5/10
  I like it very much...  
  • A very nice and good monitor because it is more than just a monitor for video editors who need a portable panel!
  • OLED matt panel,
  • Incredible contrast: infinite measured at 90 Cd/m2 so black really black!
  • Latency of 0.1 ms,
  • 4K displaying the DCI-P3,
  • Complete technical specifications for video editors: all the latest HDR standards,
  • HDMI microphone + USB-C,
  • Very nice finish,
  • Lightweight and compact,
  • Super transportable: sold with its carrying case + cover + integrated table stand for desktop or tablet mode,
  • In the world of monitors that are really very expensive compared to photo touch-up screens, this Asus PQ22UC is almost cheap!
  What I regret...  
  • Accuracy of the colours is a little low, especially considering the price,
  • Maximum height adjustment,
  • The ergonomics of the screen settings really suck!
  My overall rating...  
  7,5 / 10 for photographers  
  9,0 / 10 for videomakers  
  My conclusion...  

Asus PQ22UC This is clearly a specialized screen for video editors who need to carry their monitors, not a versatile screen (photo editing + editing). Its price, therefore, will not impress them unless they even find that it is almost a deal because the price of a monitor can exceed $30,000! Obviously, these are prices that are not found in the world of photo retouching, now at $5,000, an Eizo will be absolutely perfect and in 32 inches 4K. It has therefore been designed for a specific use and given its specifications it looks like a perfect portable monitor. As a tester, I am a little disappointed by the delta and therefore the accuracy of the color display.

Asus PQ22UC
CDN$ 5,010.69
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