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Updated on June 17, 2017

Calibrate your iPad or iPhone from Apple

Yes, it's possible ! For this you need a Spyder4Pro, Spyder4Elite or Spyder3Pro, Spyder3Elite calibration colorimeter and an app that you install on your favorite tablet. The result is interesting but not the app, which is not fitting my taste ...

Boîte de la sonde Colormunki DisplayIt is possible to calibrate the iPad ! More and more photographers use an iPad to show their work, like a visit card, or as an additional Photoshop tool ... As the panel is a very good IPS panel, what was left, was to be able to calibrate it. It is now possible with the Spyder3Pro or Elite, which are excellent colorimeters. Now a days, you need a Spyder3Pro / Spyder3Elite / Spyder4Pro / Spyder4Elite colorimeter from Datacolor. We are going to see on this page how to proceed. It is so easy. You have to download an app on your iPad and a small software on your computer to manage the calibration colorimeter. You will see the process is fast and efficient.

Note ! I have to precise that it is not the iPad that is calibrated, but the iPad when using the SpyderGallery app. Its viewer is then calibrated, but not the one of the other apps.



Calibrate your iPad

The calibration process is really simple. As first step, you need to download and install the SpyderGallery app on your iPad and then to follow the procedure.

Download SpyderGallery app

App SpyderGallerySpyderGallery - free app - is only available on the App Store. The iPad is the only tablet you can calibrate for the time being.

Download SpyderGallery app Suivre

Start SpyderGallery app on your iPad. The main menu opens :

Menu principal de Spydergallery

Hopefully, there is nothing to parameter !

Click on "Calibrate Viewer" to calibrate your iPad and on "View Photos" if you have already calibrated your iPad and wish to display your work with a calibrated screen. As first step, we are going to calibrate your iPad. Click on "Calibrate Viewer". A new window opens :

Etape 1 : télécharger le logiciel pour l'ordinateur

Step 1 : download the software, you are going to install on your computer and which will manage your iPad.

If it is the first time you try to calibrate your iPad, you have to download and install a small software on your computer. It will be sent by mail once you will have click on the button in the area 1 above. A window will then open, as you can see below. Fill in the form. Otherwise, directly click on the OK button (2).

Enregistrer et télécharger le logiciel SpyderGallery de bureau

If you do not succeed to recieve the mail from Datacolor, which was my case, you can download it from : Once downloaded and installed, just run it. Do not watch your computer screen, where nothing will be displayed, but have alook at your iPad. Here is the window you will see :

Etape sélectionner l'ordinateur de bureau

Click on the name of the computer where you have installed the software ! Click on OK (2) if the window below is not directly displayed.

Positionner la sonde spyder3 sur l'Ipad

Step 2 : place the colorimeter on your iPad and run calibration.

Place your Spyder4Elite or Pro calibration colorimeter and click on the "OK" button to run calibration. So easy ! Note that your iPad cannot be gauged. No target values for : brightness, contrast, gamma, color temperature, etc ... So, it is more a characterization than a calibration, but when displaying your photos with your calibrated screen, you can clearly see the brightness change, meaning that the app manage this parameter.

Positionner la sonde de calibrage Spyder3Pro sur l'Ipad

Color patches are displayed one by one on the screen of your iPad in order to characterize it ...

Patch coloré pour calibrer l'iPad avec Spydergallery

At the end of this process (really fast, no more than two minutes), the calibration of you iPad is done.

Final step of iPad calibration

You have the choice between "Go to Viewer" and watch your photos on a calibrated iPad or verify the calibration with the "SpyderProofer"... which is useless !

Last remark : when your iPad is calibrated and wish to have a look at your photos, you have to use this app and forget about Apple iPhoto. When opening SpyderGallery, the main menu will display the date of the last calibration performed.

Date du dernier calibrage d'Ipad.

Technical specifications

Average price : Free
Spyder3Pro or Elite / Spyder4Pro or Spyder4Elite
SpyderGallery appli et SpyderGallery Desktop
Color Temperature
Gamma choice
No - 2,2
Multi-screen management
Ambiant light management
Beamer calibration


Watch photos on your calibrated iPad

App Spyder Gallery DatacolorRemember : the SpyderGallery app do not allow you to calibrate in general your iPad but only manage color within this app.

To show your photos on your calibrated iPad, you should not use iPhoto but only SpyderGallery app. It is used to calibrate the iPad but also to open the viewer (the gallery). Once the iPad calibrated, you must open the app to get a calibrated viewer.
To do this, open the application SpyderGallery and select
"View photos" :

Viewer SpyderGallery

A standard viewer opens, except you have this "Calibration" button to activate or not the screen calibration of your iPad.

Viewer de SPyderGallery

To activate or not the calibration, you just have to slide the "calibration" button, on the bottomright. No doubt, your iPad is calibrated !



Conclusion and marks !

Even an iPad can be calibrated and the result is quite surprising ! If you already own a Spyder3Pro or Elite colorimeter, do not hesitate, the app is free and your presentations will be improved.




Manufacturing quality
1 star
ICC profile quality
4 stars
Quality/price ratio
5 stars If you have SpyderPro or Elite !
PROS ...
  • Skin tones in particular are really beautiful
  • the calibration is very fast, simple installation
  • Free if you have a Spyder3 Pro or Elite 4 colorimeter.
CONS ...
  • You must have a Spyder3 Elite or Pro or the Spyder4 Pro or Elite colorimeter !
  • No adjustment allowed but the brightness is automatically handled ...
5,0 / 10

My opinion : the IPS panel of the iPad is a great panel by default, but still on certain colors, the contribution of calibration is undeniable for a photographer who wants to bring coherence to its workflow. Free if you have the Spyder3 colorimeter or Spyder4 therefore essential ... at least if you enjoy the app !

Buy the Spyder4Pro

Buy from
£145.72 Buy from
CDN$287.00 Buy from



Buy the Spyder4Elite

Buy from
£160.02 Buy from
CDN$219.00 Buy from


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