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Updated on June 17, 2017

Books, links, VOD on color management


VOD training

In this category, you will find the sources needed to continue your training in color management through VOD on internet. There is unfortunately no video tutorial on color management.

VOD on Peachpit TV

"Color management" - Peachpit TV -

Videos tutorials on color management.

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Books on color management

In this category, you will find the sources needed to continue your training on color management through technical books in French. Many are sold out and can only be found on the second hand market, too bad ... But frankly, the latest book of Jean Delmas, published in late 2012, perfectly recent, is considered as the new reference on the subject. Exciting, isn't it ?

Books on color management in English

"Color management" by Bruce Fraser

"Color management"

Bruce Fraser, Chris Murphy - 608 pages - Peachpit Press © 2005.

Here are two other big names in color management, but across the Atlantic ! A true bible of color management particularly well written and educational in 2005, still recent in my point of view. One of the best books written on the subject !
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"The Digital Print" by Jeff Schewe

"The Digital Print"

Jeff Schewe - 288 pages - Peachpit Press © 2013.

Reference book about the print today - Learn more   Suivre

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"The Digital Print" by Jeff Schewe

"The Digital negative"

Jeff Schewe - 312 pages - Peachpit Press © 2012.

Any knowledge about Camera Raw - Learn more   Suivre

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"Color management" by Phil Green

"Color management"

Phil Green - 314 pages - Wiley © 2005.

A savant book by a specialist. Learn more   Suivre


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"Color management for photographers" by Andrew Rodney

"Color management for photographers"

Andrew Rodney - 480 pages - Focal Press © 2005.

Indispensable book by Andrew Rodney - -
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Fine art printing for photographers

"Fine Art Printing for photographers"

Uwe Steinmueller and Juergen Gulbins - 356 pages - Rocky Nook © 2013.

Easy to use book ! 3 nd edition since november 2013 - Learn more   Suivre


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Links on color management

Color management on Internet :

Sellers | Sites to create custom ICC profile | Manufacturers | My blog


Bruce Lindbloom

Bruce Lindbloom -

A Must ! Color spaces, informations, color calculators.

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BabelColor -

Many color Tools.

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DigitalDog -

The Andrew Rodney website, author of "Color management for photographers" book.

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Computer Darkroom

Computer Darkroom -

The Ian Lyons website. A Irish amateur photographer.

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Norman Koren

Norman Koren photography -

The Norman Koren website. Many informations on color management and color tools.

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Colour Confidence website

Colour Confidence - European Online Shop in French therefore entirely dedicated to color management screens, viewers, colorimeters, calibration kit, color charts, etc.. Must !

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My blog -
New nov. 2012 !

Blog d'Arnaud Frich

My Blog (only in French) - Everything you can not find on this site is on my blog! Of course I write on color management including items that find their way more difficult into the tree diagram of this color guide.

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Manufacturers and organisations

Manufacturers | calibration solutions - reference site of material for calibration of the color workflow. Very nice range of products with quality/price ratio.

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Datacolor | calibration solutions - The direct competitor of the X-Rite with more affordable solutions.

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icc -

International Color Consortium

Standardization of ICC profiles.

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Commission Internationale de l'éclairage

International commission on illumination.

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